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    · Nufarm sues federal government over leak of confidential information
    Crop protection manufacturer Nufarm is suing the federal government for negligence after confidential information about two of its weed killer products was handed to its competitors.
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    · Report by Syngenta on the importance of Paraquat in Australia
    SYNGENTA has commissioned a report into the economic benefits of the use of the herbicide Paraquat, valuing the product's worth to the Australian agriculture sector at $1.3 billion.
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    · Smaller Australian apple crop to firm prices for growers
    Apple growers in central west New South Wales are reporting lower yields this year after the hot growing season, and rain through harvest.
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    · Dioxin in our weed killers
    Dioxin is not a desired chemical, but is a side product of the manufacture of several chemicals, as well as being produced by natural processes such burning wood.
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    · End in sight for Elders sale
    A 49 per cent surge in Elders' shares triggered talk that long-awaited asset sales were finally here.
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